I'm a Regional Service Owner in Asia Pacific for Digital (web development, mobile applications, WeChat, IoT, Facebook) software development with Johnson & Johnson where I exercise my skills in building and maintaining high performing software development and DevOps teams. I currently manage a diverse team (with over 17 written languages) consisting of 12 full time employees and 23 contractors priding itself in building high quality reusable software. I strive to drive business value in everything I do, and to carve out future business opportunities with patents and prototypes. Outside of work I design, build, and maintain around 50 unique domain names / websites. My hobbies include furniture building, collecting and repairing antique furniture, building out my home automation systems (both Zigbee/Z-Wave), and playing basketball, ultimate frisbee, and soccer.

Work Experience

Regional Service Owner - Digital for APAC @Johnson & Johnson IT Application Services

2016 - Now

I manage all digital development for our Asia Pacific region including China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, India, the Philippines, Singapore and South East Asia. I'm in charge of our digital software development witch includes websites, mobile applications, social media (WeChat, Line, Kakao Talk, WhatsApp and Facebook), IoT, Voice (Alexa, Google Home, Little Fish) and others, We have a development teams in Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo and partner with vendors from all over the world.

Manager of Technology @Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions

Ann Arbor, Michigan
2012 - 2016

I manage the software development and DevOps teams developing full scale commercial health and wellness web and mobile applications. With continuous improvement mindset driven from agile retrospectives with a focus on efficient processes and value added outcomes. I constantly strive to find innovative approaches to hire and retain top talent in a competitive market, With over 35 staff members developing wellness applications with combined operating and capital budget of over $14M. I'm a firm believer in agile methodologies with over 6 years experience and have worked with Scrum, Kanban and hybrid processes. Recognized thought leader with 7 patent applications in the healthcare / technology space.

Innovation Team Lead@Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions

Ann Arbor, Michigan
2010 - 2012

As the innovation team lead I managed a team, helped develop prototype applications and researched new technologies to incorporate into our product line. We worked with mobile application development, internet of things (IoT), health trackers (fitbit, Withings, ...), SMS, and voice calls.

Software Engineer @Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions

Ann Arbor, Michigan
2008 - 2010

As a software engineer worked both on our front end technologies (HTML, JavaScript/JQuery, CSS) and our SOA technologies (Java/Spring/Hibernate).

Software Engineer @JT Packard

Verona, Wisconsin
2006 - 2008

At JT Packard I developed and maintained client server software to communicate from our field technicians to our headquarters reporting status and conditions of power related hardware.

Software Engineer @Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation

Madison, Wisconsin
2003 - 2006

Developed software for encryption, transport, and translation between customers and vendors.

Software Developer @The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Madison, Wisconsin
2002 - 2003

Worked on java, RPG, CLand other languages on OS400/AS400 to help automate and streamline factory processes.

OS400 Software Engineer @IBM

Rochester, Minnesota
1999 - 2001

Developed tools to be bundled in the OS/400 operating system.


Executive Education @The University of Wisconsin Madison

2002 - 2003

Applied mathematics @The University of Wisconsin Stout

1997 - 2002